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Millington, Glass, Love & Young is a multi-faceted law firm committed to providing high quality, cost-effective legal services and professional advice to a diverse client base.  Our experienced attorneys take pride in giving specialized attention to a wide range of companies, financial institutions, small businesses and individuals.  Our practice areas include civil and business litigation, creditor rights, personal injury, estate planning, business organization and transactions, real estate, trademarks and bad faith insurance claims.  For a more complete listing of the scope of our legal services, please see our Areas of Practice page.

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Areas of Practice

finance law

Banking and commercial finance is a complex area of law. Paying attention to the shifting landscape is important. An attorney who is skilled, experienced, and brings a practical approach to problem solving in the world of banking and financial litigation.

Construction law

Construction law encompasses any number of matters ranging from the negotiation and execution of building contracts, through the engineering and planning stages, to representation of parties in legal matters over tort or construction disputes.

personal injury

Have you been injured? If the wrongful conduct of another has caused you physical or emotional injury, finding a personal injury attorney who is committed to advocating on your behalf is the first step to discovering what options there are to help set you back on your feet again.


Commercial law, sometimes known as business law, governs business and commercial transactions. If you own a small business, you are subject to and benefit from the same laws and regulations that apply to large corporations.

Bad faith insurance

When you file a claim with an insurance company, by law, that company owes you a duty to act in good faith. If an insurance company is denying your claim or negotiating with you in bad faith, you may have some recourse.

Estate Planning

Planning what will happen to your assets when you die requires you to consider a lot of options. An attorney familiar with probate law in Missouri may be able to help you decide if a will, a trust or a more complex estate plan is right for your family.


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